Thursday, 14 March 2013

Justin Bieber Aimed To Flex Acting Chops With 'As Long As You Love Me'

Pop star talks about his burgeoning acting career and his upcoming basketball flick with Mark Wahlberg.
By Jocelyn Vena

<P><a href="">Justin Bieber</a> knew that when he shot his clip for "As Long As You Love Me" he wanted to step up his music video game. And in addition to trading lines with <a href="/news/articles/1691125/justin-bieber-michael-madsen-michael-jackson-connection.jhtml">Michael Madsen</a> in the Anthony Mandler-directed video, he also was willing to take a <a href="/news/articles/1691089/justin-bieber-michael-madsen-as-long-as-you-love-me-punch.jhtml">few punches from the "Kill Bill" star</a> for the sake of his art.</P><P></p><div class="player-placeholder right" title="Justin Bieber Dispels 'Fear' Remake Rumors, Confirms 'Men In Black' Cameo" id="" width="415" height="255"></div><p></P><P>"This video, I wanted it to be a little bit more edgy and have that appeal, but I also wanted it to make sense with the song," he told <a href="" target="_blank">E! News</a>. "And I feel kind of like the whole 'Romeo and Juliet' story and how the dad didn't want [me] to be with the daughter, I just thought that was the perfect [match for the lyrics] 'I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold.' I'll do anything for you to be my girl."</P><P>Given that the video fully display Bieber's burgeoning acting abilities, he admits it's something he's hoping he can try out more and more in his career. And, yes, that includes his long in-the-works <a href="/news/articles/1686835/justin-bieber-basketball-movie-mark-wahlberg.jhtml">flick with Mark Wahlberg</a>.</P><P>"I hope to do some more acting. I've only done a few things like <a href="/news/articles/1645054/justin-biebers-csi-story-line-will-be-explosive.jhtml">'CSI,'</a> but I really want to do some more acting," he said. "Mark Wahlberg and I, we've been working on a script for a long time now... I mean it's like a little basketball concept."</P><P>With a Hollywood career on the horizon and a <a href="/news/articles/1691181/justin-bieber-believe-tour-lucky-fan.jhtml">massive tour</a> set to kick off in September, Bieber shared that he still finds time for himself when he can. "It's just about keeping close family around and getting that time for yourself and to really have alone time and hang out with your friends and stuff like that," he said.</P><P><i>Do you think Bieber has a promising acting career ahead of him? Leave your comment below!</i></P><P></p><div class="player-placeholder right" title="Justin Bieber - &quot;As Long As You Love Me featuring Big Sean&quot;" isvevo="true" isrc="USUV71201064" id="vid:820040" width="415" height="255"></div><p></P>

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